As Of Today, You KnowRoaming

Today is a very exciting day here at the KnowRoaming offices and in the history of mobile communications as we have begun shipping KnowRoaming stickers to the first 500 customers.

All customers who pre-ordered from will receive a KnowRoaming smart sticker, KnowRoaming applicator and an instruction manual on how to install and set up your KnowRoaming sticker on your device.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and patience. Without you, a future without roaming bill shock would not be possible.

We’d also like to thank the dedicated team here at KnowRoaming who have worked tirelessly to develop, manufacture, market and deliver KnowRoaming to you.

If at any time you have questions about using KnowRoaming or just want to tell us how much KnowRoaming has saved you on roaming charges or made it easier to communicate when traveling abroad, please contact me at

We KnowRoaming and as of today, you KnowRoaming.

-Greg Gundelfinger, CEO