Expanded US Coverage Means Better Road Trips

Great news: We have new agreements with network partners in the United States that will keep you connected from Chicago to LA, Oregon to Manhattan, and everywhere in between. The best part? There’s no price hike. You can still take advantage of our pay-as-you-go data at 10 cents/MB or grab a 24-hour unlimited data package for $7.99 USD.

What better way to enjoy the coast-to-coast coverage than take a road trip?  We want you to have the best time so we’ve gathered our favorite apps for navigating food joints, traffic jams, and gas prices while in the US. Check them out below!


1. iExit

Ever regret not getting off at the highway exit you just passed? This won’t happen anymore with iExit. iExit provides you a list of services (think: restaurants, hotels, rest areas, etc.) that are available at upcoming exits. If you’re adamant about getting your coffee from Starbucks, mark it as a favorite and iExit will tell you if it’s coming up anytime soon on your route.

Cost: free, or $3.99 USD

Available on: Android, iOS


2. Waze

No one likes sitting in traffic, and it’s worse when you don’t know any alternative routes in the area. Enter your new favorite app, Waze. The app will alert you of traffic conditions ahead. Waze is based on real-time information submitted from other users. It reports on road hazards, accidents, traffic jams, speed traps and more. You can even select Morgan Freeman to narrate your trip.

Cost: free

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone


3. Foodspotting

Think of this app as the Tinder for food. That’s what Amy Schumer calls it. Foodspotting displays pictures of delicious dishes from restaurants near your location so you can select a restaurant based on what you’re craving. The mouth-watering images are all uploaded by users who’ve tried the dish. Other users have the ability to chime in if they’ve tried it and you can save your favorite dishes for later. You bet we’ve eaten our way through cities with this app.

Cost: free

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry


4. GasBuddy

Avoid the regretful feeling of paying more for gas when a cheaper station was just around the corner. GasBuddy displays the lowest gas prices from stations near you. The app gathers gas price information provided by users with a time stamp so you know how recent the data is. You also might want to get in on the fun—GasBuddy rewards users who report prices with a daily giveaway of a $100 gas gift card.

You can also estimate the total cost of gas on your road trip with their Trip Cost Calculator.

Cost: free

Available on: Android, iOS, Web, Windows Phone, BlackBerry


5. TollSmart

With the amount of toll roads in the US, you’re going to want to budget that into your trip expenses. TollSmart allows you to calculate your toll costs across all tunnels, bridges, roadways and toll roads from start to destination. If you’re traveling with a transponder, the app will factor in discounts from over 50 tolling agencies.

Cost: $3.99 USD

Available on: Android, iOS, Web


6. Roadtrippers

If you need ideas of where to stop, this app can help plan your trip throughout the US. After putting in your starting location, destination, dates of travel and what you’re interested in, this app will not only plot your journey, it will provide you with places and activities to do along the way. From museums to national parks, quirky roadside attractions and more, you can maximize all the stops on your trip.

Cost: free

Available on: Android, iOS, Web


7. Hotel Tonight

We’re sure you usually book well in advance, but if you ever find yourself in need of a last-minute hotel room, Hotel Tonight will be your savior. The app will show you last-minute discounts on unsold rooms and same-night accommodations from top-rated hotels. You can book a luxury or budget hotel room within minutes from the app. Crisis averted.

Cost: free

Available on: Android, iOS


8. KnowRoaming

You’re going to need data to use these helpful apps and navigate your way through the US. Our Global SIM Sticker will keep you connected all across the United States–our new agreements with strong network partners make sure of that. Manage your usage in our app and top-up as you go!


Now it’s time to gas up the car, make your playlist, and hit the road! If you have an app you can’t survive without on your road trips, tell us in the comments below!