IoT Devices That Will Change The Way You Live

You may have seen the term, Internet of Things mentioned a lot lately. It’s an exciting part of new innovations. The Internet of Things (IoT) used to be what you thought the future would look like where everything was digital. Well, the future is here. The IoT connects objects to the Internet using electronic sensors, making them ‘smart’.

Think of your alarm clock triggering your coffeemaker to start making your morning cup of joe, or your refrigerator making a shopping list for you. These are examples of how objects can become connected through the Internet. More than connecting objects in your home, this IoT technology is creating new business models, improving business processes, and also innovating the sectors of manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, insurance and financial services.

Our team exhibited at Mobile World Congress – the world’s biggest mobility conference – in Barcelona, Spain this week where a bunch of tech companies showed off their impressive new innovations. We rounded up IoT devices that caught our attention.



These smart shoes can help you improve your workouts and even your golf swing. With embedded pressure sensors, the shoes measure and track your weight distribution, how hard you’re hitting the ground and your balance. All the data is recorded in real-time using their app. The app even has an option to video record your movements, like a golf swing to show you where to improve.

The app can act as a virtual coach to improve your form or stance. The data can also be sent to your actual coach to review with you to help you improve.



This smart toothbrush makes sure you’re brushing all the areas of your mouth properly. It’s motion sensors track your brushing patterns and displays this data in real-time on the accompanying app. It comes with a clip to mount your smartphone on your bathroom mirror to see the data. The app includes a video recognition feature to help track all areas that are brushed.


Sigfox Smart Trashcans

Smart devices can keep cities clean. Sigfox’s smart trashcans have sensors to monitor when trashcans are full. When the cans are full the city is alerted through their cloud-based platform and can dispatch workers to empty it. In fact, Barcelona is installing about 200 of these smart trashcans.


KnowRoaming IoT Connect

We introduced our own IoT product at MWC. With many of the technologies listed above, they require network connections to be able to transmit data. Our IoT Connect provides the network needed to connect these devices and send data to their cloud management platforms.

Even though our awesome customers won’t be going out to buy our IoT Connect, we might be powering their next wearable. Our IoT Connect is great for enterprises that require reliable, global connectivity. We work in the industries of surveillance, broadcasting, maritime or airline transportation, logistics, wearables, healthcare and more.

The future of technology and all the possibilities to connect devices excites us! With our Global SIM Sticker, our new Soft SIM Platform and now our IoT Connect, we want to keep all devices connected around the world.