Say Yes To The Suitcase: Which One Should You Take?

Packing for a vacation is always a challenge. You don’t want to bring too much, but you also don’t want to be left with nothing to wear. Between traveling for a conference to taking off with your friends for the weekend, you have to have the perfect kind of bag by your side ready to take on your adventures with you. Check out our top picks to find the best companion that suits(cases) your type of travel!


The Weekend Explorer

As much as you’d love to be flying off to Europe for two weeks at a time, you don’t always have time for those dreamy escapades. So it looks like the weekends are the next best thing. The weekender needs something that’s big enough to pack that extra pair of shoes, but small enough to fit in the overhead compartment. Try a classic duffle bag that’s light to carry around and sturdy to hold its shape against any over packing.

Price: $148 USD


The Inspector Gadget Traveler

The tech-savvy traveler has to be equipped with the latest gadgets to accessorize with their smartwatch and boarding pass app. That’s why you need a suitcase that’s just as smart of a traveler as you. We love the Bluesmart Smart Carry-on Spinner and all its high tech features like a digital scale, a GPS system that tracks miles traveled, airports visited and time spent in each location and finally two USB chargers. This fast and furious suitcase will keep you charged up throughout all those layovers and help you stay connected wherever you go.

Price: $599 USD


The Taking Care of Business Tourist

There are few things in life that are better than wrinkle-free clothes, especially while on the go. Now you can pack your finest suits and skirts without having to worry if your hotel room comes with an iron. This suitcase has a spacious compartment to keep your clothes from wrinkling, with extra space on the sides for other packing essentials. A portable closet with the solution to all your wardrobe malfunctions. 


The Family & Co. Crew

When it comes to family vacations, you always have to expect the unexpected. So it’s important that at least you and the kids are properly packed for it! Luggage sets are the way to go when traveling with family because of how easy it is to keep track of each other’s pieces and variety in sizes depending on the family member. With four wheels and a hard shell, this set will help make your trip as smooth as possible.

Price: $72 USD


The Nomad

When you’re traveling around the world full time, your back becomes your BFF. This is why it’s crucial to have a comfortable bag to support you throughout your daily adventures. A backpack is a popular choice for the globe trotter due to its light weight and flexible structure. Not only does this make it cheaper to travel with, but it also can join you discover places where wheels can’t fit. This knapsack will make you fee safe wherever you go because of its lockable zippers and attachable sleeping pad.

Price: $260.00 USD 


The Road Trippers

Packing for road trips only means one thing; pockets. From stuffing snacks to eat on the road, to bundling gadgets together for entertainment, your accessory should have enough room for all of your traveling essentials to be within reach. This vintage weekend bag will go the distance with its variety of different sized pockets and high quality material that you can sport as a travel bag, tote or duffle. Style and practicality never looked better!

Price: $149.00 USD


Which suitcase style will you be saying yes to? Share with us your favorites in the comments below!