Why You Should Travel And Work

With digital jobs and so many connected devices, working location-free or as a digital nomad is no longer an awe-inspiring lifestyle that someone can simply dream about. Instead, it’s now a matter of when and where to next. If you’re still debating the whole work and travel “thing,” here are a few reasons why you should jump in and do it.


You’ll live like a local

You can take your time to get to know your new surroundings, and really enjoy the new sights, smells, and tastes.

When you’re traveling for pleasure, you’re restricted by a number of of vacation days and might not necessarily get to see or experience everything you’d like. When you’re working and living in a new city or country for a few weeks at a time, you can take your time to explore and actually go through the habits of everyday living. Got a usual coffee spot? Try that awesome restaurant on a non-busy weekday? Visit those hidden gems off the beaten path? Yes, yes, and check.

You’re exploring your new neighborhood’s lifestyle, seeing where the locals go, and more importantly, you’re doing it at a nice, leisurely pace so you get to really enjoy it. Get started by finding the perfect space to work while you’re abroad with the Croissant app. You can choose from over 300 inspiring spaces in cities around the world. Start your free 7-day trial!


You’ll learn more and grow confidence

Traveling and working really pushes you out of your comfort zone but in a great way. You’re leaving behind what you’re used to and entering new places where you might not know the language, social customs or anyone at all. Each step of traveling and working— yes, even trying to figure out where to do your laundry— might seem small, but are actually really big wins as you let go of any possible inhibitions and open yourself to a new way of doing things.

To help build your confidence we’ve got tips to help you conquer doing business in a foreign country that will help you walk the walk and talk the talk.


You’ll network more

Living as a digital nomad and not having coworkers to see every day might sound lonely. But one of the best benefits of living as a digital nomad is continuously meeting new people, whether they’re local or traveling too. Perhaps out of necessity, you’ll find yourself networking and making friends almost immediately when you’re abroad. Not sure where to start? Try an app like MeetUp that brings people together based on their hobbies and interests.


You’ll stay connected

We live in a borderless world where home is just a Skype call away. With KnowRoaming’s Global SIM Card you can always stay connected—to work or family—using our unlimited and fixed data packages starting at $7.99 USD. The free coffee shop Wi-Fi doesn’t cut it when you’re working on the road. Connect seamlessly from anywhere in 200+ countries!


You’ll be thankful you did it

Working and traveling is sort of like a crash course. It builds you up and opens your eyes to how other people live their everyday lives, and changes you for the better. It’s definitely an experience that might require a little bravery at the beginning, but you’d be surprised at how that one big step leads to so much more than you’d think.


If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve gathered our favorite tools for working remotely that will help you work smarterIf you have any other favorite tools that help keep you productive or reasons you love working on the go, comment to let us know!