Your Passport To India

One of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world and home to one sixth of the world’s population is the colorful and dynamic, India. In honor of our Unlimited Data package launch in 100+ countries, which now includes India, we wanted to highlight some hidden treasures found all over the country where you can roam worry-free with KnowRoaming.


1. Taj Mahal

Iconic, timeless and described as the jewel of Muslim art in India. The Taj Mahal was built in 1632 in memory of Emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife in the Agra District. The natural lighting captures the marble monument in shifting moods, glowing right from sunrise to sunset. Although it’s closed Fridays for prayer offerings, visitors can enjoy entry-fee discounts when visiting Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and other local attractions with their Taj Mahal ticket.

Pro Tip: Try to get there before it opens around 5:45am for a glorious sunrise view and the least amount of tourists crowding your pictures. We know it’s early… But trust us, it’s worth it!

2. Kerala’s Backwaters

If you’re looking for a more peaceful and relaxing vacation, then Kerala’s Backwaters is a perfect escape to the serene side of the country. Traditional houseboats made up of bamboo are available to rent for overnight trips where travelers can float along the main river and discover local communities, temples and feast on freshly caught fish for dinner. But if you’re not a fan of boats, there are luxury lake resorts and heritage villas nearby that offer another unique kind of experience.


3. Golden Temple

The legendary Golden Temple is a mix of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles made up of 750 kg of gold. Inside, there is a sacred tank which is believed to have healing powers from the surrounding waters. Visitors can sit and enjoy a complimentary meal in the community dining hall, Langar Hall, anytime throughout the day. Serving over 100,000 people each day, the temple acts a hub for both community and spirituality for locals and travelers.

4. Palolem Beach

Although there are numerous beaches in Goa, none of them offer a little taste of everything the same way Palolem does. You can soak up the sun on the soft white sand under the palm trees in between dipping your toes in the Arabian Sea. Find your inner calmness in a drop-in yoga class right by the water at sunrise or sunset. Get your groove on at a Silent Disco party while dancing under the stars. From the adventurous traveler to the beach chair lounger, Palolem has something for everyone to enjoy on their stay.


5. Kanha National Park

As the inspiration for the popular film, The Jungle Book, the Kanha National Park is located in the heart of the Indian highlands. This tiger reserve has been labeled as one of the finest wildlife areas in the world with over 1900 square km of land, rich in exotic flower species and a chance to get up close and personal with the endangered Bengal tigers. Mindful of the animals’ natural habitat, travelers can venture on guided safari tours exploring the rare wildlife in the region.


6. Ellora Caves

Dating all the way back to the sixth century, the Ellora Caves are composed of 34 rock-cut temples that were carved from basaltic cliffs and spread across two kilometers. Divided by three different religions, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jain, each individual set tells a story about the ancient Indian civilization and their acceptance and respect for each other’s religious differences. Make sure to bring a friend to help navigate through this historical maze!

From temples to tigers, these hidden treasures are perfect to add to (then check off) your bucket list. Take advantage of our new Unlimited Data packages and share your adventures on the spot. Do you have a favorite place in India? Comment below to let us know!