8 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Traveling Mom

Are you on a last minute search for a Mother’s Day gift? With 8 fun and cost-friendly items, we’ve found some of the best traveling gifts to help you thank the mom in your life!


1. The Classic Neck Pillow

Simple, but effective. If your mom always takes one for the team and sits in the middle seat, give her a better version of your shoulder to lean on with a self-inflating travel neck pillow. We like its small size and soft silicone material that makes it easy to pack and comfortable for snoozing during long flights.

Price: $19.50 USD


2. A Carry-On Genius

Not only does this bag give mom all the space she needs to pack all her carry-on essentials, but it also acts as the personal organizer she’s always wanted! With labeled compartments, a portable battery pack for charging electronics and even a small speaker to plug into her music device, she’ll be equipped with all the right tools to have a worry-free and enjoyable flight.

Price: $238.00 USD


3. A Cozy and Comfortable Wrap

We know how airplanes can be a little on the cool side, which is why your mom needs this stylish travel wrap to stay warm during her trip. Whether it’s a blanket, shawl or make-shift pillow, this light linen piece is ideal for any traveling outfit.

Price: $110.00 USD


4. KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker

A mom’s second favorite thing to do (after caring for and loving you) is staying connected with her friends. With our KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker, your mom can save up to 85% on voice and data roaming in 200+ countries.

Price: $29.99 USD (with $10 free roaming credit) 


5. A Collapsible and Reusable Water Bottle

We know what you’re thinking. Why not just buy a stainless steel one? We prefer this lightweight bottle for traveling—it shrinks down to half of its size and still maintains its modern look. Whether your mom is a hot tea or ice water kind of drinker, this unique bottle will keep her hydrated throughout her daily adventures.

Price: $24.95 USD


6. Three Sandals in One

A woman can never have too many shoes, and now she doesn’t have to choose! The Cambiami Mother’s Day set offers three different colored straps for one sole including champagne metallic, red and tan. With a wide range of strap colors matching any outfit, you only really need to pack one pair of shoes.

Price: $128.00 USD


7. A Portable Library

Get your mom the gift that keeps on giving with a Kobo reader that can hold up to 6000 books. Between waiting at the airport to relaxing by the pool side, it’s the perfect kind of company for all stages of traveling.

Price: $250.00 USD


8. A Pocket Sized Iron

There’s nothing worse than wrinkled clothes. If your mom travels frequently for business, this small and compact iron is the perfect gift to help her look her sharpest for big conferences and meetings. Its computer mouse size and three fabric heating levels will work its magic with any piece in her wardrobe.

Price: $39.95 CDN

Have some other gift ideas? Share with us in the comment section below!

KnowRoaming wishes all the jet setting moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!