nature from your window

Enjoying Nature From Your Windowsill

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming! No matter your location, spring brings out the most colourful side of nature. While we may not be able to travel to experience all the flower power the globe has to offer, there is plenty to see from your window!

From Washington to Nepal, take a moment to appreciate the rainbow of beauty from your cozy window seat. Forget all your worries and dream about visiting your favourite flowers soon! 

Here are some of our favourite blooms of the season.

Narchyang, Nepal — Rhododendrons

This red sea of Nepal’s national flowers creates a stunning contrast against the white of the country’s snow covered mountains. Typically hikers trek up the many trails of Nepal to experience the beauty from high altitudes, but between March and May, the Rhododendrons bloom all around, so take a peek out your window!

Rhododendrons are also the state flower of West Virginia and can be found across the globe.

California, USA — California Poppy

Spring in California means plenty of wildflowers blooming across the state! The bright orange California Poppy is our favourite burst of colour, and if you are lucky enough to live near any fields, you can see this and many more wildflowers from the comfort of your home.

Carmona, Spain — Sunflowers

Residents in the small town of Carmona, Spain can admire these bright beauties as they stretch as far as the eye (and camera) can see! During May and June, look out your window to admire fields with up to 30,000 hectares of land filled with sunflowers. Tuscany is another great location for enjoying this “sunny” view.

Ibaraki, Japan — Nemophila

Just two hours from the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, Hitachi Seaside Park blossoms into a blue sea in late April. The blooming of nemophila (or baby blue eyed) flowers is celebrated annually through an event called “Nemophila Harmony.” If you are lucky enough to live nearby, look outside on a sunny day to see the earth melt into the sky!

England, United Kingdom — Bluebells

From England to Ireland, bluebells are blooming between April and May. With 50% of the world’s bluebell population residing in the UK, locals can experience their beauty from home!

Washington, USA — Cherry Blossoms

No need for rose-coloured glasses in Washington during cherry blossom season! As the trees reached peak bloom on March 20, this is the perfect time to cozy up next to a window and enjoy the view. For those of you who had planned to visit Tidal Basin this month, the BloomCam provides a live feed of the cherry blossoms there!

Residents across Japan, Caceres, Fujian, Copenhagen, Jinhae-si, Edinburg, and more can experience the cherry blossoms from their windows!

Find beauty wherever you are with the magnificent scenery that spring provides! Here we have only listed a few locations for enjoying nature, but we would love to see what KnowRoamers around the globe are finding! Post your #SpringViews on Instagram and tag @Knowroaming to share with everyone!

Colourful flowers are popping up around the globe as reminders of peace, serenity and new beginnings. This cheerful season demonstrates that this too shall pass, and we will be exploring the world again soon. In the meantime, we encourage you all to practice social distancing, stay safe, and stay connected. Our data packages help people across the globe stay in contact with one another, no matter the location. 


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