Here’s How Your Phone Uses Data

We all enjoy smartphones because they make our lives easier. With every new model that launches, our smartphones get smarter and smarter, and these advancements are accompanied by more automatic features and functions they perform for our convenience. Did you know all of this requires data? We’ve gathered a quick breakdown of data your device typically uses automatically so you know what is happening. Check them out below!

Know how your OS uses data

First things first, you can see how much data your operating system is using by visiting your device’s settings.

Apple: Settings > Cellular > System Services

Android: Settings > Data usage > Android OS

You may notice unexpected data usage from your System Services/Android OS in small, trickling amounts. For your device to provide you with useful tools such as Push Notifications, Time & Location, iTunes Accounts, Software Updates, Mapping Services, Messaging Services, Security Services, Networking, Documents & Sync and more, the phone’s operating system needs to use data. This data used by the iPhone and Android operating systems cannot be turned off.


Get an Unlimited Data plan

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Realize apps automatically update

In their eagerness to update themselves, many apps will do so through cellular data automatically. This is a default setting to ensure you have the latest and most secure version of apps.


Understand background data usage and auto-syncing

A lot of apps are permitted by default to make use of cellular data automatically. This is helpful for updating your weather forecasts, your location, banking info, as well as instant notifications and access to emails, stock information, social media messages, etc.

Similar to background data, most of your accounts like email, Facebook, calendar, docs, books, etc. will automatically sync and update on all your devices so you have the most recent data on each device.


Wi-Fi Assist and Smart Network Switch give you the best service

These features allow your device to switch from a connected Wi-Fi signal to a cellular data signal if the cellular data signal is stronger and better quality than the Wi-Fi signal. This is your device just trying to help you get the best service.


You now have a better understanding of the data used to perform functions that make our lives easier. If you ever have any questions about your data usage with KnowRoaming our friendly 24/7 Support Team can assist at