Introducing The KnowRoaming Global Hotspot

We’re excited to announce that the most robust roaming solution for businesses is here: the KnowRoaming Global Hotspot. With the KnowRoaming Global Hotspot, business travelers can enjoy seamless, unlimited data connectivity in 90+ countries with just the flip of a switch.

“The reality is business happens everywhere and people need instant connectivity on all their devices. We’re thrilled to say our Global Hotspot provides fast, secure, and reliable data around the globe from top-tier networks,” said our CEO, Gregory Gundelfinger.

Here are some quick facts about the hotspot:

  • The KnowRoaming Global Hotspot uses the Novatel Wireless™ MiFi® 6630.
  • The Global Hotspot can securely connect up to 15 devices for up to 20 hours on a single charge. It also functions as a battery pack for charging external devices, without affecting its own performance.
  • It boasts extra security features, including hacker prevention, encryption, and enterprise-grade protection.

Hotspot offers access to best rates

Designed for business customers in need of fast wireless connectivity across multiple devices, the KnowRoaming Global Hotspot is also a great fit for companies in the travel industry who want to equip groups heading overseas, hotels that wish to offer per-day rentals, as well as professionals who need on-location Internet access.

The KnowRoaming Global Hotspot is the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective. KnowRoaming simplifies costs with one low flat rate of $7.99 USD per day to access unlimited data from top-tier networks in 90+ countries. Customers can manage usage transparently through their KnowRoaming account.

What distinguishes the KnowRoaming Global Hotspot is access to the lowest rates in the most countries worldwide. With commercial agreements with networks around the globe, KnowRoaming offers some of the lowest roaming rates—up to 85% lower than traditional carriers—in the most popular business travel destinations, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and most of Europe.

Hotspot joins suite of KnowRoaming products

The KnowRoaming Global Hotspot joins other KnowRoaming products that deliver powerful network connectivity to customers, including the Global SIM Sticker, the Global SIM Card, the IoT Connect, and the Soft SIM Platform.

The KnowRoaming Global Hotspot is available first for businesses. For more information visit or email

A consumer version of the Global Hotspot will become available at a later date. To receive updates on the consumer launch, sign up here:


See the Global Hotspot in action: