KnowRoaming Does Cannes

My KnowRoaming Story: Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Jake is a freelance journalist and KnowRoaming user. No stranger to covering international film festivals, he’s using KnowRoaming as he covers the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Because of KnowRoaming’s incredibly affordable unlimited data packages, my trip to the 68th Cannes Film Festival was made 100% more enjoyable. As a journalist that needs constant access to the internet, KnowRoaming let me comfortably and reliably check my work emails on the fly, read tweets related to films that had debuted here, and stay in the loop when screenings would change without warning.

Many festival-goers, when they are trying to get a cell phone for the festival, opt for unbelievably expensive on-site mobile solutions that often cost hundreds of dollars – and none of these services offer unlimited data. Consider that Orange Mobile offers a Festival Special, where for €50 you get 200 text messages, 60 minutes of calls, and absolutely zero data.

200 texts goes by way too quickly, and data is essential.  Because when you’re at an event where time is everything, there’s no price more expensive than spotty cell service, and my colleagues have been quick to ask how I am able to upload video, download apps, and use the internet like I would at home without being afraid of an astronomical phone bill.

 KnowRoaming’s global SIM sticker was a cinch to install, and I was all set and ready to go for my trip within minutes. I made an account, filled it with a relatively nominal amount of money before I hopped on a plane, and when I turned on my phone after each flight I was greeted with a warm message with relevant information. At this point, I can’t imagine ever again going to another country simply to to worry about buying a local SIM, figuring out an unfair rate with my home carrier, or buying an expensive pay-as-you-go burner mobile. Because of KnowRoaming, I knew total freedom. Because of KnowRoaming, I knew the Cannes Film Festival.

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