KnowRoaming Makes It Easier For Companies To Save On International Roaming

Say goodbye to all that paperwork! KnowRoaming has just launched KnowRoaming Business Solutions to make it easier for companies to manage and save on their employees’ voice and data bills.

KnowRoaming Business Solutions works to save companies to save up to 85% on long distance calls and international roaming in 200+ countries. 

In 2015, KnowRoaming saved an international financial institution more than 70% on their roaming charges within the first quarter of their deployment. 


How do we do that?

Magic. Well, some people call it magic. We call it the Global SIM Sticker. Apply it once to an employee’s phone and it automatically activates when traveling abroad to give them access to voice, data, and SMS—all at low rates.

Companies can easily track and manage their entire fleet’s spending with KnowRoaming Business Solutions’ cloud-based portal. All costs are pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for the services your employees use. 

Business Solutions clients benefit from the following services:

  • Seamless, low-cost international roaming

    The Global SIM Sticker activates automatically and connects you to local networks when you travel abroad, without missing incoming calls to your mobile number. Unlimited data packages are available for $7.99 USD/day in more than 70 countries.
  • Transparent account management 
    All services are easily managed via a cloud-based portal, specifically designed for IT managers looking for streamlined access to manage their telecom fleet. Finance managers have full cost control through pre-paid or post-paid accounts, supported by a dedicated account manager and 24/7-customer support.
  • Affordable, convenient long distance calling

    Dial directly from your phone without the use of calling cards, additional SIM cards or carrier packages
  • Foreign numbers

    Purchase foreign numbers at a nominal price from more than 50 countries. This allows your foreign contacts to call you without incurring long distance charges. 

There are no fixed costs or yearly commitments to activate an account—so what are you waiting for?

Visit to learn how your company can get started or reach out to our Business Solutions team at