Meet Our KnowRoaming Athletes

What do a water skier, hammer thrower, and wheelchair racer have in common? They’re all part of KnowRoaming’s new athlete ambassador program.

KnowRoaming Athletes is our sponsorship and referral program that allows athletes to save big on international data, voice and text usage while traveling. After putting out a call for athletes earlier this year, we are happy to announce that three Canadians—Sultana Frizell, Jonah Shaffer, and Curtis Thom—have been selected to join Team KnowRoaming. They’ll now be spreading the word about KnowRoaming as they travel and enjoy our services

KnowRoaming Team Roster

Sultana Frizell is a hammer thrower from Kamloops, British Columbia. Not only is she a two-time Olympian but she is also a two-time Commonwealth Games champion and record holder in the hammer throw. Sultana also holds the record for longest throw in Canada and North America.

Twitter: @Sultythrows

onah Shaffer is a slalom water skier from Ottawa, Ontario. He is a four-time Canadian National Champion, three-time Canadian record holder and ranked first in the world in 2014 in the U-18 division.

Facebook: Jonah Shaffer
Instagram: @jonahshaffer

Curtis Thom is a wheelchair racer from Burnaby, British Columbia. He competed in the 2012 and 2004 Paralympic Games. In 2012, Curtis ranked first in the world in the 400-metre race, and sixth in the world in 100 metres. He is also a Canadian National Champion in the 100, 200 and 400-metre race.
Twitter: @wheelzontheline

Helping athletes stay connected

Athletes face many financial challenges on their road to victory. Traveling and roaming expenses are one of the biggest pain points—yet a necessity.

“As an athlete, it is extremely important for me to stay connected while abroad. It is important that I stay in contact with my coaches, sponsors, and family regularly so I’m prepared to perform to the best of my ability, wherever I am in the world,” explains Shaffer.

While these athletes focus on training and competing around the world we focus on providing them with a roaming solution that is easy and painless.

Stay tuned, as our athletes will be sharing their pictures and stories from competitions around the globe. In the meantime, look out for them on a podium near you.