Must-Have Apps For Travelling

Ready, set, download! Whether you are roadtripping, flying or backpacking, these travel apps will help you stay organized (and save money) every step of the way!


For Packing


Say goodbye to tedious packing lists and forgetting key items, this packing planner will help you pack based on travel duration, weather forecasts, and trip activities.

FREE – Available for iOs and Android



The Organizer


Store all your itineraries and documents in one convenient location. Tickets, reservations, bookings, or directions can be accessed directly through the app. They also make it easy to share your information with friends.

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows




For Cheap Flights


There are plenty of useful flight booking apps out there, but Skyscanner’s “everywhere” feature and flexible calendars lets you find surprising destinations for cheap. Perfect for someone who wants to visit a beach, any beach! Or the world traveller who isn’t sure where exactly to go next. Skyscanner also works like a traditional flight app and allows you to select specific dates and locations.

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



For Flight Updates 

App In The Air

Get real time flight updates as well as airport tips, maps, and a flight profile. Even offline, it can deliver updates such as gate changes or flight status updates via SMS!

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



Road Trips

For Cheap Gas


Never again fill up on gas just to discover that a cheaper station was just down the road. Find the best stations, prices and locations with this handy app, currently only available in the US, Canada, and Australia.

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



For Stretch Breaks


See a summary of major businesses and attractions at each highway exit ahead of you. Looking for something in particular? Mark it as a favorite and receive a notification if it’s coming up on your route.

FREE – Available for iOs and Android



Trying New Things

For the Tourist


Access local information and recommendations for businesses and activities across the globe. You can bookmark stories or locations and the app will filter results based on your interests.

FREE – Available for iOs and Android



For the Foodie

Happy Cow

Search for food in 180+ countries and access information such as reviews, directions, hours, and seating options! Specify any dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, etc) for the best restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks and farmers markets near you!

FREE – Available for Android. Paid Version for iOs.



Getting Shut-Eye

For Wanderers 


Quickly search, compare and book the best hostel accommodations for you in over 175 countries. In-app guest reviews of locations helps to make your decision even easier!

FREE – Available for iOs and Android



For Deal Stealers


This online marketplace for hotel reservations is great for making some cash back on non-refundable reservations, and even better for snagging great accommodations for up to 80% off their original price!

FREE – Available for iOs and Android



Extra Convenience 

For Money Coordination


The Tricount mobile app distinguishes between expenditures and balances within a group, listing all payment procedures necessary to settle any debts. This list can be easily processed using PayPal, or by simply marking the debts as paid. It even takes currency into consideration!

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



For Quick Transportation


If you are in a foreign country with a language or map you don’t know, Uber can be a life saver! No need to consider cash or currency exchanges, everything is done in the app via credit card!

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



For Staying Connected

For Communication


This handy messaging and voice app uses data or Wi-Fi to help you stay connected while abroad. Use it like iMessage to send texts, photos, or create group chats!

FREE – Available for iOs, Android and Windows



For the Best Roaming and Data


With KnowRoaming you can purchase eSIMs, Travel SIMs or Travel SIM Stickers in over 200 countries and territories for as low as $3.99. The app allows you to activate packages, manage usage, and reload balances in real time through your phone!

FREE – Available for iOs and Android


Get the most out of these handy travel apps with KnowRoamings data plans! 

Happy travels!