“My Wife Thinks I’m A Genius—Thanks To KnowRoaming”

My KnowRoaming Story: Amazing travel stories from our KnowRoaming customers as they explore the globe and stay connected with the KnowRoaming SIM Sticker

Avid travelers Stefan and Marj recently embarked on a three-month-long trip where they tried out our Global SIM Sticker. Read about their adventures below to find out how we were able to help them out of a few ill-fated situations.

Hard to believe it has been three months since I purchased our two KnowRoaming stickers as we set off on our winter European vacation. Paris, South of France, and Spain have been amazing to visit and explore during the low season with the side benefit of having no freezing rain, snow, or sub-zero temps!

I have to say, having the KnowRoaming stickers gave us the comfort that we would be connected both by voice and data to our friends and family on our extended trip and that has been huge. Here are a few real examples of where it truly came in handy and saved the day.


Lost in Spain

When we arrived at our destination in Spain we had trouble finding the villa due to poor instructions. We pulled out the phone and a quick call to the property manager got us on the right track again! We did not have to worry about pulling over and trying to get directions in a foreign language or trying to find a pay phone. The phone just worked as promised.


Hiking the French Alps

Another time, we were hiking in the French Alps. It was very remote and I had loaded a hiking app onto my phone to track our progress. The problem however, was once we got half way into our hike and we were miles away from anywhere, I pulled out my phone, and fired up the hiking app to check which way we needed to go at the fork in the trail—only to realize I had not downloaded the full map details. No problem. I turned on the KnowRoaming cellular data and bam! Two minutes later we had the full map detail and found our way to our destination. Being able to turn data on and off as needed, and only having to pay for actual usage was fantastic. To top it all off, my wife thinks I am a genius and very likely pre-empting a potential search and rescue mission! (Thanks KnowRoaming!)


No Internet? No problem.

One last example of how the KnowRoaming sticker saved us on our trip: the Spanish villa we were staying at was supposed to have internet, which was important to us. Being away from home for so long, we needed to stay connected to family and have access to work. Well, turns out the internet service had just been “upgraded” at the villa and it was completely unreliable. It is amazing how cut off you feel when you don’t have that connectivity, especially when you are in a foreign country. Once again KnowRoaming came to the rescue. I turned on cellular data, purchased 1 day of unlimited data and problem solved, within 3 minutes we were up and running and fully connected to the outside world again. To top it off, it worked with my phone’s hotspot feature and we were both able to surf the net again.


These are just a few examples of how KnowRoaming has saved the day for us on this trip, we have become quite dependent on these little stickers and have sung its praises to many friends.

So, tomorrow we head home after three months of being out of the country. KnowRoaming gave us amazing peace of mind and the only regret is that once back home, we won’t be relying on that little sticker anymore. Guess we need to start planning another trip out of the country!


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