Resolutions Every Traveler Should Make

As soon as the clock struck midnight, the inevitable question about your New Year’s resolutions became fair game. You might have that list ready to whip out and show off to your traveling friends, or you might be wishing there was a 366th day in 2017 to throw together some ideas to share. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some easy and doable resolutions for you to check off in 2018.


I will book my tickets early… or late!

One of the best parts of the new year is looking at the 12 months ahead of you to plan new adventures. We know you’re itching to book those vacation days early. But according to our travel expert friends at Trip Central, booking last minute could be just as beneficial with lower prices and better deals in certain destinations, like Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Get the inside scoop from us on the most asked question: when is the best time to book?


I will go on a trip with me, myself and I

New year, new you—right? This is the time for a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to discover more about yourself. We love solo travel, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to make your own decisions. Plus you don’t have the compromise on the best parts of traveling—eating and exploring! Check out our other reasons why you need to travel solo at least once in your life.


I will pack smarter

Packing smarter doesn’t mean packing more! As you retire your old luggage pieces from last year’s trips, you want to start the year off on the right foot (or wheel) by having the right bag by your side for 2018’s adventures. Whether that’s a classic duffle bag for “The Weekend Explorer” or a suitcase with built-in GPS and USB chargers for “The Inspector Gadget Traveler”, you want to be set for wherever your calendar takes you. Find out which suitcase suits the way you travel.


I will make an effort to give back while traveling

When you look back on your vacations over the last 365 days, it’s easy to forget how lucky you are to have had those experiences. But there are many ways you can become more than just a vacationer or business traveler. You can deliver medical supplies to local clinics in your destination or save your hotel soaps to deliver globally for those in danger of hygiene-related illnesses. Pay it forward with these easy ways to give back while on the road.


I will stay fit on the road

Between airport meals and late night takeout, traveling can be a hard time to work on your “beach bod”. But there’s no need to scratch off that resolution from your list just yet. Staying active and healthy while traveling can be easy by balancing food intake and using apps like Food Tripping to help you locate restaurants with healthier menu options. Get more tips from our COO about how to feel good on the go.


I will learn something new, somewhere new

If you’re frequently visiting the same country for work, why not talk the talk. Duolingo is one of our favorite apps for learning a new language. The lessons are quick enough that you can learn while sipping your coffee or during your commute. See our other apps and tips we swear by when traveling for business.

Or have you considered taking a gap year? Applying for an internship abroad gives you the opportunity to build global connections inside and outside of your work. But volunteering in a local community can have a long-term impact in a short amount of time. See our suggestions on how to have a meaningful experience to fill a gap year.


I will save more money

Traveling can be expensive, after all, you want a memorable trip but you don’t want the bill to be the one thing you never forget. This doesn’t mean you have to stay in cheap, rundown places; you can easily find deals around you. To help we’ve gathered our favorite apps to save on everything from food and drink specials to finding the cheapest gas stations, check it out!

Another way to save money before you’ve even left your house is planning where or how to exchange your money. Personal finance expert and budget traveler, Barry Choi, tells us instead of focusing on timing the best exchange rate (nearly impossible) focus on minimizing the foreign exchange fees you pay (this can save you big in the long run). For example, using local ATMs is one way to get the cheapest cash. Read more of Barry’s helpful tips here.


What are some of your travel new year’s resolutions? Share with us in the comments below!