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Solo Travel: Why You Should Give It A Try

Let’s face it, you deserve the world – why not experience it? It’s time to take yourself on a journey of self discovery with solo travel.

Here are 5 undeniable reasons why you should definitely give “going it alone” a go:

Build Confidence

When travelling solo, you’ll be forced to handle situations on your own. With no travel partner to lean on, the possibilities for connecting with locals and other tourists are endless. While potentially nerve wracking at first, there is a sense of comfortability that comes with taking control of every situation that you encounter. 

Learn a Language

Without a companion to navigate tricky situations with, you’ll undoubtedly end up speaking to locals and picking up some of their common terms. How many different ways can you ask where the nearest washroom is?

Embrace Spontaneity

When you only have yourself to worry about, it’s much easier to do things on the fly. Suddenly have a few days off at work? Book a last minute trip. Find a cheap flight but there’s only one seat left? Perfect! Being on your own allows you to focus on our individual needs and wants.

Take it Easy

Travelling on your own lets you function at your own pace. If your jam-packed trip has got you feeling a little sleep-deprived, no one will be disappointed if you skip a few activities in lieu of resting in bed.

Compromise? Never heard of it.

As the master of your own itinerary, plan your trip the way you want it to be. Many travellers find themselves being dragged to tourist attractions that they have no particular interest in, or activities that they wouldn’t have chosen to do on their own. With solo travel, you have the freedom to create a trip that caters to your own interests!

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Show yourself a little love and explore the world!