Tips To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

You can plan different outfits for all types of weather or things to do in case of flight delays. But the one thing you can’t always plan for is getting sick. From hopping on planes to relaxing in your hotel room, the truth is germs are everywhere. Although we’re no doctors, we’ve got some easy tips to help reduce your chances of catching a bug before, during and after your trip. Don’t feel under the weather while you’re on your vacation, enjoy it instead!


On your flight

Don’t touch the seat-back pockets on planes

Although it may be convenient to have your book or magazine handy right in front of you, would you still want to keep it there if we told you it had more germs than a toilet handle? Second to the tray table, studies have shown that germs can live for days on the material, which can transfer multiple types of bacteria directly to your hands. Keep your personal belongings tucked away in your carry-on and remember to reapply that hand sanitizer!


Choose the window or middle seat

With people up and down walking to the bathroom, scientists say that sitting along the aisle can expose you to more germs from people’s hands grabbing on to the seats to stay balanced. So if you have the option, go for the window seat. Those few awkward seconds of climbing over the other passengers are totally worth avoiding weeks of the flu!


Skip the ice in your drinks

We love a cool and refreshing drink as much as you do. But sometimes water tanks in planes are refilled at airports where standards can vary. Grab a bottle before you board instead! Drinking safe water and staying hydrated flushes out those unwanted toxins from your body, making it one of the easiest ways to avoid getting sick.


During your trip

Avoid eating salads

We know we’re all trying to eat healthy while on vacation by taking a longer look at the salad section on the menu. But believe it or not, eating food that could’ve been rinsed in water can increase your risk of catching bacteria! Try to look for dishes with steamed or fried veggies instead.


Eat a clove of garlic every day

This is one of those situations where it doesn’t taste so great, but it works! By chewing on a clove, an antibacterial is released into your body and knocks out that terrible feeling we all get with a bad cold or flu. Some experts even recommend having a couple every 3-4 hours until the bug has disappeared! Not only is it easy to find en route, but it’s also cost-friendly.


Dig into the local stuff, but have some familiar food too

One of the best parts of traveling is getting to try unique dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Although we love tasting different parts of the word, it’s sometimes nice to have a small piece of home as a balance. The trick to trying new foods is to slowly introduce yourself to the flavors and spices in order to avoid overwhelming your stomach.


Coming home

Wipe down your luggage

Once you’ve unpacked all your clothes and souvenirs from your trip, don’t tuck your suitcase back in your closet just yet. Wipe down the exterior to eliminate any transferred germs from the luggage carousel and loading ramps at the airport. You want to bring the memories home and leave the bacteria behind!


Take a salt and soda soak

Flying high in the sky can expose you to increased levels of gamma-ray radiation at those high altitude levels, which can harm your immune system. A salt and soda soak has all the ingredients to help you detox and clear your body of any ionizing radiation, not to mention soothe your skin. Check out this recipe for an easy detox.


Clean your phone

When you’re on the go, chances are your phone has touched more surfaces than your hands. That’s why it’s just as important to wash your phone as it is your hands, considering that mobile devices are proven to have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom! Now don’t go running your phone under a tap. Try a soap for your phone – well almost. This portable case has a UV light that can sanitize your phone while it’s charging. Perfect to keep your phone clean wherever your travels take you.


How do you avoid getting sick when traveling? Share with us in the comments below!