What Our Engineers Really Want For Christmas

Finding the right gift for anyone is hard. But finding the perfect gift for a technical whiz can be a special challenge.

After putting together a list of gift ideas for travelers, we asked our team of hardworking hardware and software engineers what they really want for Christmas—something that no one would ever think of getting them. Many of their answers were similar, which lead us to believe other engineers probably want them too. Check out the list below!



As the “future of personal transportation,” it’s a great gift for engineers. It also happens to be on a lot of kids’ Christmas lists this year. But there’s always a kid in all of us. Plus who wouldn’t want to ride a Segway?


Lattice iCEstick

This gift is appealing for software engineers who are interested in hardware. The Lattice Semiconductor iCEStick is a USB factor board that allows rapid prototyping of designs. It is helpful for people who want to learn how to learn to code in the hardware descriptive language VHDL (which is basically a language to describe hardware).


Apple TV

Engineers, and people everywhere, want the latest in TV innovation. Apple TV allows for voice control, apps, games, movies, and shows. It brings a whole new experience of technology from smartphones to TVs. It’s definitely on our list!


Table router

A gift for the engineer who can’t sit still and loves to build things. A table router is a staple in a workshop for woodworking. A mitre saw is also a good gift to pair with this. Who knows? In return for this gift you might end up with some freshly built shelves, chairs or tables.


A micro 3D printer

This is truly the future of design: creating things out of nothing. Of course it’s a perfect match for an engineer. While you probably don’t want to go spending an arm and a leg for a full-sized machine, micro 3D printers are an affordable option.


Air Umbrella

This umbrella is definitely a unique item. It uses airflow to shield you from the rain. Our engineers admitted they haven’t gone out to buy it themselves, but they definitely are interested in using it.


A date

We couldn’t find an Amazon link for this one, so unless you’re great at playing matchmaker, a gift certificate to the movies is probably a better idea. It can come in handy—especially this year when all of our team is keen to see Star Wars at least twice. 


If you have other unique gift ideas that engineers would like, share them with us in the comments.

Your friends at KnowRoaming wish you Happy Holidays!