Why You Should Avoid Using Free Wi-Fi

Let’s face it, your phone is your oxygen and connectivity is your wateryou can’t survive without them! While it may feel good to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot to send a quick email or briefly scroll through Instagram, is it worth risking all your personal and private information? We’re here to tell you the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi.

You risk downloading a virus unintentionally

You might be wondering how much harm can be done with those public Wi-Fi networks that demand a simple checkbox in at the end of their terms and conditions. Our answer is, a lot! By connecting to an open Wi-Fi signal, you join a large group of vulnerable online users who become one big target for a hacker. Some viruses are even specifically designed to enter free Wi-Fi networks and infect other devices that share the same simple login credentials — especially in airports.

You allow others access to your confidential information

Have you heard of the “Man-in-the-Middle” attack? Any time you connect to the Internet, data is sent from your device to the website or app you’re visiting. Using this eavesdropping technique, cybercriminals get in the middle of your connection so they can monitor your activity such as:

  • Login credentials
  • Personal and business emails
  • Online documents

This is especially dangerous for business travelers, who put their company’s confidential digital infrastructure at risk by using a free Wi-Fi network that can be both unencrypted and unsecured.

You could install malware on your device

Malware is a type of software that’s intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. When you click on ‘Accept terms and conditions’ to join a free Wi-Fi network, there’s a strong chance it’s laced with a malware that will automatically install in your device. It can also be built into a hotspot that might appear to be a legitimate network with a reputable name, but realistically is another ‘rogue access point’.

Not only is this an easy way for hackers to exploit any additional software vulnerabilities they may come across, but also cause permanent damage on your device.

What should you do?

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