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Your Guide To Group Travel: Best Apps

Group travel can be a test for relationships of all kinds. It can either create long-lasting memories with your BFF or make you plan your next trip solo. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help with your trip planning experience so everyone can avoid those stressful and lengthy group chats.

From picking a place to see to sharing photos with each other on-the-go, check out what apps we recommend for every stage of your experience.    


For voting on a destination: Trip Huddle

Deciding where to go with one person can be hard enough, let alone multiple. That’s why we like using Trip Huddle to make group decisions fair and square. Once you’ve picked out your top destination choices, everyone has the chance to vote on their favorite place so you all have an equal say. You can also vote on dates to determine the best time to travel with your fellow explorers. The Kayak-owned app will even help you find hotels and vacation rentals based on your final pick.   

For trip planning: Travefy

We love a nice, clean and organized itinerary as much as you do, which is why we’re a fan of Travefy. This app helps you keep all your flight and hotel details in one place so it’s easy to access for everyone. You can also add links, contact information and any other important documents straight into the calendar. If you really like to plan to the very last detail, you can even import any reservations you’ve booked in advance, too!  


For staying connected: KnowRoaming

When traveling with other people, you’re bound to want to split up at some points to see and do different things. Our Global SIM Card keeps you and your friends in touch with voice and data coverage in 200+ countries and fast 4G LTE/3G connectivity, so you never have to worry about losing each other. Right now, you can buy one Global SIM Card get another Global SIM for FREE so you and your fellow globetrotters can roam together!

For splitting the bill: Splittr

One of the biggest headaches in a group can be dividing up the bill at a restaurant, especially in a foreign country. There’s no need for “IOU” notes with Splittr. Every time you add an expense to the app, you can tag whomever in the group participated. At the end of your trip, Splittr will generate a final bill for each traveler, calculating exactly who owes who and how much. To spare you from the math, it even has an integrated currency conversion to make money-matters headache-free.  


For sharing photos with the group: Tripcast

When you’re out exploring new places, you and your travel buddies don’t always have the time to send the pics you took of each other. Tripcast makes this process painless by letting everyone collect and store their trip photos in one place. You can add as many as you go, and attach them directly to a trip map so you can sort your pics by location. This way everyone will have an Instagram ready to go!


How do you and your travel companions plan a trip? Share with us in the comments below!